Sound Engineering

Midi Madness’s sound engineer has spent many years honing his production skills. He has the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you realise your audio/music projectand will work with you whatever your project,.

If you only require production help for you we are on-hand to step in as required, but can play a slightly more “hands on” production role if required and help you to bring your vision to reality.

Audio Engineering is the key to recording, creating and mixing sounds together to create a finished project in the style of sound required. Our studio features some of the best hardware and software to aid in our sound engineering and make any project possible.


So many producers have a setup where the can arrange/produce/and mix their own music, but when it comes to recording, dont have the kit or studio to get the radio quality sound thier after.

so, bring your production to MM and we’ll record any parts that you want. could be a high quality vocal your after, of micing up a guitar amp.

we are small in size. but our live room is big enough to mic up a drum kit. so if your in a band, we can record you . And the end result will be great.

as we’ve said. we are small in size. but our recording setup can’t be bettered. And Especially at OUR PRICE !!

Need more details?

Please call NOW to tell us about your recording and production requirements and see how we can help