Music Production and Mixing

Music Production:

Midi Madness will happily engineer your track for you to create your finished musical production, allowing you to take on the complete role of record producer. If required we are happy to co produce with you to help create your finished track – maybe you are an aspiring singer/song writer who needs an engineer and producer to help create the finished song as you have conceptualised.

Don’t let your lack of production knowledge hinder your ability to produce high quality musical productions. We are PC based and run the studio on Ableton Live.

Our team are all friendly and are there to help nurture your musical ideas into realised professional productions.


Midi Madness can act as studio engineers for you as you complete your own remix of either your own tracks or tracks you are licensed to officially remix – bootleg remixes can be completed but be aware the playing or distribution of these tracks without original copyright holders permission may lead to your prosecution.

Midi Madness can also create commissioned remixes on request utilising the production and engineering skills of our in house team. We are able to remix in a diverse range of styles including house, trance and drum & bass. Please contact us to discuss your remixing needs in more detail.

For more information, or prices for EPs and albums you can call us on 07775 916910, or use the form on the Contact Page.