Jim Urquhart – Biography

 Midi Madness Studio is owned and run by music producer Jim Urquhart. Jim has a long  established background in music production and engineering.

Jim began by taking music technology classes at just 14 and followed his passion for music production all the way through to gaining his audio engineering diploma from SAE in London.

Jim spent several years engineering freelance for several producers in and around chichester west sussex, before he purpose built his own music studio in Chichester.

As a producer, Jim has had several releases including Ministry of sound, ink records, duffnote, soulful evolution to name but a few. He has also featured on the BBC, introducing 5 times in 2015 alone.

Jim is best known for his vocal production/recording/and engineering, with a real grasp of compressing/eq/and fx, critical for getting that truely “professional” sound.

A technically skilled and experienced sound engineer is critical in getting the right sound quality for your musical recordings. Jim is one of the best.

Jim Urquart’s Midi Madness sound studio serves recording artists, singers and musicians from across the South Coast, Hampshire and West Sussex and has an excellent reputation for high quality sound production, as well as providing excellent value for money.