Midi Madness will happily mix your existing projects together, and best results will be achieved if you can provide the audio stems/elements from your project in their original untreated state with no or minimal effects where possible.

We can still work our magic if this is not possible but the finished result may be limited depending on individual circumstances – it is easier to do something right than try and correct something that is wrong!

When working from scratch on an audio project we will perform brief ongoing mixing to help with the creative production of the track but will complete a final mix down prior to any mastering process.

In today’s modern studio songs will usually contain many separate tracks and audio parts. These parts will be mixed together to usually create a final 2 channel stereo mix that sounds full and complete to any ear with no troublesome frequencies or clashing audio elements. For commercially released music the goal is usually to create the most loud and full sound possible taking maximise advantage of the full dynamic range available via modern music reproduction sources

We use the right mix of effects such as Reverb & Delays with processing such as Compression, Gating & Equalising to get the sound you want for your audio project.

Price per track: £59.99


Midi Madness provide a professional mastering service. The mastering process is like applying the finishing shine to your project. The audio must be well mixed in the first place to achieve a good master and we would strongly recommend fixing any audio issues with the mix prior to any mastering attempts.

Once mastered your track can stand alongside other professionally mastered tracks in terms of sound quality and audio depth. We use only the best hardware and software to ensure a balanced master is achieved.

We can master your track to your preference. If you have a certain sound you are aiming for we strongly recommend you supplying us with reference material so we can create the finished master you desire.

Price per track £19.99

For more information, or prices for EPs and albums you can call us on 07775 916910, or use the form on the Contact Page.