Sound Recording & Engineering Tuition

Do you have your own sound studio kit at home but would like some help and advice?

Then why not book one of Jim’s ‘one on one’ tuition sessions ….

Dance Music Production Lesson

3 Hours of ‘one to one’ tuition focusing on Dance and Pop music production.

With the rapid developments in music production software and technology it is now possible to produce high quality music on a decent home computer.

If you are thinking of putting together a home production suite then Jim will share his wealth of knowledge and experience and be on-hand to guide you through the setup process. From DAW’s to microphons to monitors ( studio speakers ), to converters and mic pre’s.

Session content includes:

  • arrangement
  • synth work
  • vocal ( recording/arangement/mixing/production)
  • drum programming
  • sampling
  • production

Audio Engineering Lesson

This is a 3 hour ‘one to one lesson focussing on the basic skills and getting the ‘hands on’ experience required to embark on a new career as a studio engineer.

We understand that starting out in a studio can bet daunting, but with Jims help and guidance you will be allowed to progress at your own pace. And, going forward after the lesson, Jim will always be at the end of a phone line to help out.

the lesson will cover essentials like EQ to Compression, analog to digital, audio and MIDI as well as much more.

Jim is also experienced in dance production and offers the benefit of his knowledge and experience in this field if this is your genre of music.

also ifyou’re in, say, an indie band. Jim could help with your arrangement and production

If you gotta do it ! do it ! come to Midimadness to get your musical ball rolling!!
If you gotta do it ! do it ! come to Midimadness to get your musical ball rolling!!